Pro-Gun Activists Lie About Chinese Gun Ownership

In the efforts of pro gun activists to defend the 2nd Amendment from those who would take weapons out of the hands of the people, they get over zealous and fabricate certain facts to defend their position. One of those so-called facts is the often repeated claim, “commies are coming to take our guns away”. This is one of, if not, the most repeated statement. The automatic linking to gun control to communism. Therefore anyone who supports gun control with a rational (albeit incorrect) arguments is portrayed as being a communist. This kind of automatic association between those who support gun control and communism is just dishonest, and exposes the ignorance of the pro gun movement.

Here I will not be defending gun control, I support civilians owning firearms of all type. After all Mao said, “Without a people’s army, the people have nothing.” I will be defending a slander against China. Revolutionary or Communist China did not take people’s guns away as pro gun activists constantly claim. Having heard enough of this slanderous statement against the Revolution in China I’ve decided to take it on and debunk it. Here are some prime examples cited as so-called proof that supposedly Revolutionary China took people’s guns away:

“China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were exterminated by their own government.”

- Gun control history has not been positive in favor of the unarmed citizen.
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance quoting La Raza Newspapers

“After the communist takeover, from 1948 to 1952, 20 million Chinese, unable to defend themselves, were murdered.”

- “Where gun control leads”, Hal Lindsay, WorldNetDaily

These exact claims are repeated over and over again without any source provided for them. In fact, not one of the repetitions of this statement had a single source to back it up. This is literally a claim based on nothing whatsoever. Not only that, but in these statements anti-communists even contradict themselves. The official lie is that 20 million people supposedly starved to death, whether or not people had guns would not have made a difference. Guns doesn’t make non-existent food suddenly appear. So what we have is two different claims for cause of death for a single group of people who never died. The complete lack of any source whatsoever is very revealing in what pro gun activism considers academic integrity.

However there is a progenitor to this claim that Revolutionary China banned gun ownership. The organization JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP has created a “Genocide Chart” in 2002 listing all the people who were supposedly killed by a lack of guns. On that list is the claim against China where all the pro gun blogs are getting their information from. Here is the section where they refer to Revolutionary China:

The first thing that stuck out at me was the listing of three periods during the revolutionary era. I don’t know what that is supposed to mean because they don’t bother explain it. I’m going to assume that these three periods are when supposedly persecution against people were carried out that gun freedom could have stopped. Next we have the ubiquitous 20 to 35 million people killed, once again no source provided for this claim. The claim of famine deaths (now lack-of-gun deaths apparently) I’ve already dealt with in a previous video.

Here now is an interesting difference, the JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP organization has provided a source for a policy that took guns away from people. They listed two Acts put forth by the Chinese Revolutionary government: Act of Feb. 20, 1951, Act of Oct. 22, 1957. I have gone and researched those Acts and have found they do not exist. A Google search gives absolutely nothing but various blogs quoting the list put forward by JPFO. If this act was real and actually existed, there would be mentions of it all over the place from anti-Chinese groups to anti-communist groups, there are not. Literally the only mention of these Acts is in reference to this list.

I took the investigation further and went checked some websites that deal in Chinese law. I typed in both of those Acts and came back with nothing. I went through their archives of Acts and statutes and found that those Acts did not exist. They were literally fabricated by the JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP organization. This is the dishonestly in which pro activists conduct themselves. There are real points to make in defence of firearms, this is not one of them.

Now while investigating Chinese gun laws I came across this paper written by Huan Zhu at the University of Kansas. This is what she had dug up form her research:

“After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, there have been three special laws or regulations issued on control of firearms, which are Temporary Measures of Control of Firearms (1952), Measures of the People’s Republic of China for the Control of Firearms (1981), and Law of the People’s Republic of China on Gun Control (1996) (hereinafter referred to as Law on Gun Control).”

- Gun Control Policy in United States and China, Huan Zhu

While this paper attempts to bash China for a lack of gun rights its actually ends up defending Revolutionary China on gun rights. Of all three of these laws, only one of them actually occurred during the Revolutionary period. The other two were made law when the restoration of capitalism had begun. The law “Temporary Measures of Control of Firearms” simply doesn’t exist. I’ve searched the archive of Chinese laws and it doesn’t appear anywhere. Even placing the phrase into a Google search only returns a single hit, the paper itself. I have attempted to contact Huan Zhu at the university of Kansas about her source, and as of a week she has yet to respond to me.

There is literally no law during the revolutionary period that prohibited anyone form having any guns. There is absolutely no source for claiming that the Party took people’s guns away. The claim that Mao or communism took guns away from people is completely made up. JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP are liars, Huan Zhu is a liar. There is no trace of gun control in the revolutionary period, there is however very strict control under capitalism. This shows the pathetic lengths these defenders of gun control sink to. They have to lie about others in order to defend gun ownership. You don’t have to lie, there are perfectly good reasons for defending guns. Almost all of which I personally support.

So what are the facts surrounding Revolutionary China and gun ownership? Well this is what we do know for a fact. The Communist Party after the Long March resettled in the countryside where they began work with the peasants arming them against the government. Mao and the Communist Party armed the people against the country. As the Japanese were attacking China, the Nationalist (and I stress capitalist) Party was only interested in suppressing the peasants, not the Japanese invaders. Mao organized the defence against the invading foreign army while the capitalists were only interested in killing the people of the nation. Eventually the Nationalist party leader Chang Kai-shek realized the Japanese were destroying the country. The communists gave people guns in order to defend themselves and attack those doing harm to them.

In the revolutionary era the people were armed, people carried their guns into work. Some carried them out into the fields as they did agricultural work. Communist China didn’t ban people from having guns they were the ones that gave it out, capitalist China did ban them. Oh, and unlike certain YouTube video making Pastors and pro gun websites, I have sources in the description.

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”
– Mao Tse-Tung


“Where gun control leads”, Hal Lindsay, WorldNetDaily

Gun control history has not been positive in favor of the unarmed citizen.
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance quoting La Raza Newspapers

Death by “Gun Control”

Law doesn’t exist

Gun Control Policy in United States and China, Huan Zhu University of Kansas, S.J.D. candidate
East China of Political Science and Law, LL.M.

People’s Republic of China for the Control of Firearms (1981)

People’s Republic of China on Gun Control

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~ by Jason Unruhe on 2011 10 07.

9 Responses to “Pro-Gun Activists Lie About Chinese Gun Ownership”

  1. MaoistRebelNews Lies

    Modern China – Gun ownership is illegal

    Legal Code of PRC

    Articles 125-130 prohibition and restriction of gun control

    Mao Confiscated guns under the guise of Suppressing Counterrevolutionaries (1950-1953)

    Bitter Winds
    By Harry Wu
    Pg 6

    The Cambridge Illustrated History of China
    By Patricia Buckley Ebrey
    Pg 297

    The Search for Modern China
    By Jonathan D. Spence
    Pg 535

    China at War and Encyclopedia
    By Xiaobing Li
    Pg 93

    So the Red Chinese don’t allow for private gun ownership

    • I never said firearms were not illegal today. Mao Tse-tung died 1976, socialism ended the same year. haven’t seen any evidence guns disappeared during his leadership.

      I was only was able to find “The Search for Modern China”, on page 535 its cites noting to prove it happened and horrible mischaracterized what was going on. Baseless anti-Communist statement is meaningless.

      Bitter Winds was written to slander the country, not a credible source.

      I’ve spoken to people who were there at the time, they have no recollection of it.

      Even if they did confiscate guns from criminals, it is no different than what is carried out in many countries today.

  2. Also bear in mind that guns don’t prevent weather patterns from causing famines. Saying millions of people died from a lack of food as a result of a supposed lack of guns is stupid.

  3. “Take a look at China, 1935. Picture, if you will, a long, peaceful line of naive little natives queueing up to dump their guns into an industrial smelter, while off to the side, a bureaucrat with a clipboard checks their names off the list. That’s the image this list would like to create. The problem is, in 1935 China was in the midst of the Age of Warlords. Even if you know nothing about Chinese history, just the name “Age of Warlords” should tip you off. It was a pistolpacker’s paradise, a lawless Wild West where all power flowed from the barrel of a gun.

    But it’s not just the ready availability of guns in China that contradicts the Big Tally. No, it’s just as important what everyone was doing with all those guns — fighting for supremacy, fighting against the Communists, fighting the Japanese. In other words, gun control or not, everyone who had a side to take had already taken sides. Everyone who wanted a gun already had a gun. The enemies of the state who were killed after 1949 weren’t defenseless; they were just plain beaten.”

  4. When I mentioned to comeone what you said here, right away someone who was uninvited to a conversating I had with an acquaintance spoke up and called us communists because we defended China and quoted you, needless to say, I do not belong to any political party and find those who libel or slander have nothing to back it up, in Latin that is called Argumentun ad Hominum, attack on the individal when unable to refute what they had said. Booker

  5. First off you don’t respect firearms owners and you are extremely biased and provided many false statements yourself. Let me say that about 60-70 million people were slaughtered not your claimed 25 million. Second guns are illegal in china today and there are mass murders with knifes who can kill 30 people at a time. Alright my digression is done. If the citizens had gun Mao would not have gained power and could easily be over thrown. Starvation could be solved with firearms by hunting. And guns are in are constitution so fuck off anti gun liberals

    • Your reply is simply ridiculous. I don’t respect gun owners? based on what? Defending their right to own guns? You’re literally making this up.

      In addition you are the one being bias playing the same lame old claim that Mao killed 60 – 70 million. Usually its claimed 100 million. The reality is that you are being biased. If you weren’t you’d notice where those you claim tens of million died, the so-called proof claims the same group of people died twice and literally admits to completely making up numbers. Try research, try honesty.

      Yes guns are highly regulated, they’re not illegal. Gun even recognizes that.

      Your knowledge of history is idiotic. Mao lead a revolution of hundreds of millions of people against the Japanese occupiers and the Nationalist party. People had guns, in fact the US gave guns to people in China (both Nationalist and Communist) for the purpose of fighting the Japanese instead of sending troops there. You literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

      People had guns in Mao’s China, hunting doesn’t stop starvation, you can’t live of meat alone. If this simply the case, why did millions of Americans starve to death during the great depression? Why didn’t they simply go hunting? Why did the US government cover up these millions murdered by a failure of capitalism?

      You’re an idiot. Your idiocy harms those who want to preserve guns. China built is socialist base by fighting the fascists in the government by arming hundreds of millions of people. America was founded on the mass murder of over a hundred million Native Americans and 150 million African slaves. All of which had no guns. You make pro-gun activists look like stupid hate filled red necks. Do gun owners a favour and stop talking.

  6. I was recommended this website by my cousin.
    I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re wonderful!


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